Thursday, January 1, 2009

Play Hard... Pay Hard...

New Years Eve. You get together with your closest friends to get smashed to either celebrate the past year... or celebrate that it's over. 

Everyone clinks their glasses together at midnight and vows to be a better person the next year. You drink a bottle of wine and glass of champagne... maybe take a shot or two. You have a dance party until 4 a.m. Snap dozens of pictures and have a blast. 

Then you wake up. Sometimes in your same clothes as the night before. You realize, despite last night's antics, you're not a rockstar. You check your sent texts... feel regret. Search for all your belongings... feel amazed that you still have everything. You have a headache... or a full body ache... and you can't imagine getting through the day, let alone a whole year. 

Starting any day, let alone year, ridiculously hung over is not a good feeling. And the older I get, days spent watching tv for hours on end are not relaxing, they are depressing. In 2009, I resolve never to take another yaeger shot.... ever again... and avoid days like today... unless in the company of good looking fella... and cuddling is involved :) 

Happy New Years!!!! Bedtime for me... 


Katie B. on January 2, 2009 at 6:47 PM said...

One of my new years resolution is yaeger shots too! NO MORE JAEGER!

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