Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things That It's Okay to Lie About...

CNN posted an article today. "Things that it's OK to lie about." My favorites include:

  • That the reason for your bags is not, in fact, that you were out late partying but that you were up late reading "Twilight"
  • That you don't know all the lyrics to Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love To You..."
This got me thinking... there are a few others they forgot.
  • That you would have no idea how to cook certain foods from SCRATCH... like spaghetti sauce (they grow in jars from Italy, right?) or cookies (they don't always come pre-sliced?)
  • That you ate icecream for dinner... and convinced yourself that if you were craving it, clearly that means your body needed the "nutrients"
  • When a new potential beau calls for the first time, you tell him you're just leaving the gym after an intense workout...
  • That "The Hills" is on your DVR schedule
  • That you still have feelings for an ex-boyfriend or ex-fling...
  • That you'd rather lose your mind than your phone
  • That you took all your Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas... and by Christmas, I mean Valentine's Day
  • That you think a character on teen dramas like Gossip Girl or 90210 is hot... and then realize you're in your mid-20s... and not a teenager...
  • That you read your horoscope everyday and think... that is SO true
  • That you went straight home after the bar instead of taking a detour into La Bamba and eating a burrito as big as you head
  • That you've actually enjoyed yourself at Duffy's
What do you think... when is a little white lie okay?? When is lying more acceptable than the truth?


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