Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Theater OR Theatre?

Question: Do you build a theater? But GO to the theatre? Meaning, do you spell "theater" when you're talking about a building, but "theatre" when you're talking about the arts? I'm sure a simple Google search could answer that question... but alas, it's time to go to bed... 

So, tonight I went to the theatre.... and remembered, again, how much I LOVE going to musicals. 

I saw Jersey Boys for the first time. The show has been in Chicago for a couple of years, and I finally bit the bullet and got tickets. Then, Monday I realized I actually had not bought the tickets...the purchase never went through. Perhaps I dreamt purchasing the tickets? Who knows... but my heart was set and no turning back. By 5 p.m. that afternoon, I had two tickets waiting for me at Will Call.

And well worth the wait. Nothing disappointing about it.

Every time I go see a show, especially in playhouses like the Bank of America Theatre... I always think about my old choreographer. He used to give us these pep talks before we practiced our ballad to put what we were doing (performing) into perspective... and one time he said, "Hundreds of people are coming to see you to sit in a dark room, forget their lives for two hours and be taken away. Sing to them. Perform for them."

And that's exactly what all the performers did tonight. They've done that show a million times, and yet, it seemed like the first... or maybe even the last.

Great night! 

Anyone else see it? Thoughts?


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