Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Mafia

I found the crazy.

It started as a casual conversation about how my brother bought me an Ipod for Christmas because he actually read my blog (shout out to Pat, in C-bus!!)... 

He replies, "You have a blog?!?!?!"

He laughs for a long... awkward minute. First it started as a condescending-type laugh. Like, "Who would write a blog? What a lame idea! ha!"... and then... 

As if he could hear my thoughts (I was mentally starting this blog in my head)... the once-condescending laugh turns a bit nervous... as if this blog were some type of governmental espionage plan I had against all guys I get to take me on dates.

Little did I know bringing up my blog could actually turn someone mad. And not angry. I'm talking paranoid... sleep-with-your-eyes-open crazy.

Grant it, that this is someone who just admitted to be Facebook-free and happy about it. He then went on to justify why he was pretty much against the whole movement of social networking. Perhaps throwing out the B word was a bit early in his dating conversation realm.
He excuses himself to the bathroom as, I swear, he searches the room for hidden cameras. We start another conversation, and he cuts it short... worried that I'm going to judge the conversation and use it for material... that I'm going to call him a jerk or a tool. Woah there buddy. 

I try to calm him down... trying to explain all the random (and you can attest when I say RANDOM) thoughts that go through my mind that provide me with more than enough material... but he's not convinced.

Finally, I break it to him that I do have more to blog about than him. I tried the nice route. I did. This called for drastic measures. 

And then he's surprised when I don't invite him in to hang out. And THAT, my friends, is how Chicago does crazy. 

Blog mafia-style.

Good thing I didn't admit that I Tweet... Then things could have gotten really awkward.

Caveot, although, YES, I did exactly what he feared and blogged about the date.... I do NOT go on dates looking for material for my blog. I go on dates to meet level-headed, fun people that have lasting relationship potential... The material, unfortunately, comes a whole lot easier.

I had no intentions to write about the date... but when my blog single-handedly makes a grown man want to pee his pants in fear of what I could write... this is something that needs documentation.

Sleep tight.... 

Maybe with one eye open ;) 


PAT on January 30, 2009 at 12:21 AM said...

C. HART this awesome, glad u are avoiding lame dudes that can't handle females thst are stable and know what they are looking for... PS.. hope the returned I-Pod has provided hours of aditional entertainment!! :)

Erin on January 30, 2009 at 10:44 AM said...

Love it, Col.

P.S. Did you send him the link to this?

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