Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why are all the comments to my blog in Chinese letters?!

Ahhhhhh.... wtf. Jimmy Walsh, cousin and tech dork, I will be emailing you soon.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bobcats, a Boot, Some Beer, a Brauhaus and My Bro

The Hart siblings took to Chicago this weekend - and left it a little more happy - with a little more heart, if you will. My brother, P(Pat)-hart (pronounced Fart), visited this weekend, and we certainly made the most out of our two days in the Windy City.

Friday night, after he arrived with the typical mid-March arctic chill, we had a few 312s before heading over to Second City's "The Taming of the Flu." Laughs were had... more drinks were drank... memories were made.

Saturday may rank up there as one of the most random, yet spontaneous, days we've ever spent together. Together, we braved Chicago Snowstorm 2010 to make it to Crossroads by noon to grab tables before the OU Bobcats took on the Tennesee Volunteers. After waiting two hours for cold chili and grilled cheese, drinking stale beer and watching a sad and disappointing loss, we decided we needed to step up the evening.

We took a solid three hour break that consisted of burgers at The Counter and board games at my friend Mike's... and then headed up to Lincoln Square to experience the Chicago Brauhaus.

The best way to describe the Chicago Brauhaus is an authentic German bar (steins, traditional beers, etc) mixed with almost-suburban Chicago (family-friendly), mixed with your last family wedding (old couples dancing to polka music). Picture that... and then throw in a two-foot glass boot that is passed around the table and drank by all. Holy H1N1... apparently no one is that concerned anymore.

Anyone else experienced the Brauhaus? Watch out May Fest... I'm spreading the word!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh my, OU...

I'm not going to claim that I'm a huge basketball fan. Or baseball. Or football. But, if I am loyal to any of my alma maters... it is Ohio University. Those four years shaped me into the person I am today... and I met some of my best friends within those college greens. So, tonight, as more than 200 people gathered in Crossroads at Wrightwood and Clark to cheer for the school that they also love to call their own... I couldn't help but jump into the madness.

And to our surprise and delight... they KILLED Georgetown. Check it out!

I have to say... when you mix the best city with the best college... you get one of the best nights ever.

Way to go, Bobcats. Thanks for a great night!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Tis the luck of the Irish

So as it turns out, March just might be a lucky month for this Irish lady.

But because I've neglected you again, let's step back for a second. 2010 so far has vastly out-performed my expectations. A short recap.

February could be summed up in one word: Florida. The time I was in Florida... and the time I was not in Florida. I don't recall much about the Chicago days... but I had two solid weeks in Sanibel. And I remember every second. The weather wasn't ideal, but I did get a chance to hang out with my parents for an extended weekend - and my long-time girlfriends for another.

To sum up the girls' weekend... I had just put my two weeks in, Christina announced she was moving to Wal-Mart, Arkansas, Helen dropped the news that she was preggo and Katie was in the midst of job drama. Needless to say, the break was welcomed by all. Next year, we're all coming in Tuesday night. Fo to the sho.

So ya, I have a new job!!! Woohooo! And now that I'm moving forward from the guilt of leaving my old job (and all the drama that came with that the last two weeks)... I'm enjoying the new gig more and more every day. I started at Edelman on Monday working on two restaurant accounts... famous for cheesy biscuits and breadsticks (attempting not to get picked up by too many blog monitorers!) Any guesses?

And throughout all of this craziness... I thought it'd be a great idea to start seeing someone. And so far he hasn't done anything insane or red-flag-like. He's met all my low-standards of 1) Paying for first/second dates, 2) Not afraid of social media or modern technology, 3) Not afraid of (attending) weddings 4) Blinking during conversations and 5) Not making crude, racial or anti-sematic comments. So far it appears as if he might be normal... definitely no complaints. Timing (starting a relationship and a job in the same month!?)... not ideal. But I suppose you can't plan these things... so will just have to see where all of this pans out. I'll try and not be the screwed up one in this situation. :)

And if things couldn't be any better, I'm back to my old commute... no more 6-block treks to the 156. 151, I missed you! Somebody burst my bubble... no... actually... let's just let that bubble fly for a bit.

Thank you, March and 2010. I heart you.

Anyone else feel the luck of the Irish today or this month?

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Need a few Irish tunes to get you in the spirit? Here ya go.

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