Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Delilah and Lionel

I admit I listen to Delilah every night before I go to bed. It's something about listening to other people's sappy stories that either gives me hope or makes me thank God that I'm single. 

Tonight... it was one of those single moments. 

Someone just admitted that their wedding song was going to be Lionel Ritchie's "Stuck on You."

If you're wedding is past 1980... there's just no excuse. Unless you're Jon and Cristy and organized Lionel Ritchie-themed dance parties on our porch at 79 N. High St. in Athens, Ohio after going to get cheese fries at O'Betties. For them, Lionel has sentimental value. Random person on the radio... I'm not so sure.

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Four Years and Five Latino Cds Later...

This December my office will be moving from 233 N. Michigan... aka the Creative Corner of the loop...to the Merchandise Mart: home to the other WPP communications companies. Although this news was delivered with champagne and cheers, it's not entirely great news. I could list out my reasons why, but given that I should be greatful to still HAVE a job... I will not.

So today, I decided to turn a new leaf and began cleaning my cube in preparation for this transition. Although it’s only basically October, I’m slightly scared of the four years of crap that I’ve accumulated. Okay, really scared. In fact, I just stumbled upon five cds of Latino music, a ton of recipe books with Mexican concoctions and a random sombrero. Looks like I'll be throwing a Cinco de Octobre party. Sweet.

Other great finds included:

  • An office birthday card from two years ago and anniversary cards from the last four years
  • Chicago Sun-Times cover from after the 2007 marathon
  • Justin Timberlake 2007 FutureSex/Love Show Poster

  • Can of Brookdale luncheon meat (SPAM knock-off/competitor)

  • A garden gnome... don't ask. Or do
  • Coconut-shaped glasses

  • Creepy, but funny, vendor Christmas card that reads: "We've been monitoring who's been naughty and nice."

  • Jar of honey

  • Random stuffed animal with a t-shirt that says, "get the lion's sahre of the media coverage." wtf?

  • A snuggie
  • Bottle of champagne
Although I have the privilege of working at a place where you can easily accumulate branded items and junk from all your programs - I know I'm not the only one out there who, when stepping back from their workspace, thinks why have I had this for so long??

Spill it.

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Notable Quotables

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail"

-Abraham Maslow, American psychologist

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Jewel Osco = Hot Spot of Gold Coast

It's no secret that by living in the Gold Coast you can expect to obtain an interesting mix of neighbors. Beyond my obsession with the possible Bulls players that live on floor 22 of my building... who draw crowds carrying Grey Goose and girls who can be persuaded by free alcohol and tall men.... I haven't found the hot spot in the area. That is... where all the hot men hang out. 

In Lakeview/Lincoln Park... they are pretty much every where you turn. But 95 percent of them are they either dating someone, new to the city (this is not necessarily a good thing), younger than your best friend's baby brother OR gay. I realize I made a few generalizations... but, believe me, I've had ample time for market research.

The surprise of the day, though, was dropping by Jewel Osco at State/Division on my way home from work. The crowd was drastically different that the usual, senior citizen/tourist Sunday shoppers. Each aisle I went down, I ran into a good looking, well-dressed guy. Best Monday surprise ever! If I had any pick up skills what-so-ever, I would've used them at this point. But, alas, I do not. So I left the store shocked... and with no numbers or prospects. And with 10 cans of cat food. Damn... note to self: next time buy the cat food somewhere else. But, fear not, there will definitely be a next time. By the way, is it appropriate to bring a wing man to the grocery store??  

Anyone else witness this phenomenon?!
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Another Colleeny Weeny in the Fam

Last Wednesday, September 23rd our family welcomed another Colleen to the world. Okay... her full name is Anna Colleen... but I'm going to be that weirdo aunt/second cousin that insists on calling her by her middle name. Because, clearly, it's an awesome one.

My cousin, Jenny, was more than ready to finally meet her little one after spending about five weeks on bed rest and experiencing things that happened to her body that are not appropriate for blog postings. At least not this blog :)

The family is happy and healthy... and we're all excited to get to know little Anna Colleen as she grows up. I will tell you now that I plan on being the cool aunt from Chicago that feeds her too much sugar and sends her the new toys that mom and dad won't buy her. I'm not above buying love.

But speaking of babies, this afternoon I happen to come across this crazy article on Time.com that talks about a women in Arkansas who found out she was pregnant when she was already pregnant. That's right... two different babies. Not twins. They are two weeks apart... with two different delivery dates...

The funny part of this is, my first thought was... see, Jenny, it could have been way worse. And then my second thought was, something weird and unknown like that will TOTALLY happen to me if I'm ever pregnant. I have many, many years ahead of me, however, until I have to worry about that.

The good news is: Jenny didn't have a surprise second baby in her belly. But I still have to commend her on forging through a solid 10 months with a growing human being inside of her and successfully giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. You've come along way from rehearsing "Grease" in Grandma and Grandpa's living room and putting on dance shows with me for the family always involving "Yellow Pok-a-dot Bikini." We have a lot to teach this little girl!

I'm headed out to Kansas City to see the family in October, so I'll be sure to share more pictures!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Thunder Rolls

A storm is rolling in... and with it promises to be fall-like temperatures. I'll be the first to admit... I hold onto summer far past the point of normalcy. While others may have stowed away their swim suits and white pants after Labor Day, I've been drinking pina coladas, sun bathing and sporting around my summer tote long past September 7th.

I refuse to let go of summer with the same emotions of an ex-girlfriend seeking a sense of closure before moving on. But today I took my first step away from summer and towards autumn. I honestly blame Tim Allan and his "Go Michigan" commercials. Yes, I want to step back and watch life slowly with the rolling hills and babbling brooks of Michigan. I want to sip wine in their wineries and watch the leaves change before my eyes. I honestly think that those commercials could convince me to spend the day picking up dog poop.

I digress.

Beyond Michigan, I suddenly became excited to watch the fall premieres of "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters. I realized my bank account could not handle one more month of summer (and summer weddings). I switched my nail polish from light pink to dark brown. And I started remembering those sweaters I packed away just four months ago... and had a small tinge of excitement to pull them out again. I said small. Baby steps, people.

I also started to think about all those things I've neglected over the past four months. One of the most neglected, of course, being this blog. And second... simple, but much-needed, "me" time. And third, my cat's weight. But that's an entirely different blog.

So mark my word, I'm back (this time I mean it!). And so is fall. So turn off the lights... and check out the thunder storm outside your window. With each bolt of lightening that strikes, witness autumn inch closer and closer to Chicago. The wind is blowing in a new season... promising lots of changes. For the better. Here's to not being stuck in last season.

What are you looking forward to this fall?!
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