Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Four Years and Five Latino Cds Later...

This December my office will be moving from 233 N. Michigan... aka the Creative Corner of the loop...to the Merchandise Mart: home to the other WPP communications companies. Although this news was delivered with champagne and cheers, it's not entirely great news. I could list out my reasons why, but given that I should be greatful to still HAVE a job... I will not.

So today, I decided to turn a new leaf and began cleaning my cube in preparation for this transition. Although it’s only basically October, I’m slightly scared of the four years of crap that I’ve accumulated. Okay, really scared. In fact, I just stumbled upon five cds of Latino music, a ton of recipe books with Mexican concoctions and a random sombrero. Looks like I'll be throwing a Cinco de Octobre party. Sweet.

Other great finds included:

  • An office birthday card from two years ago and anniversary cards from the last four years
  • Chicago Sun-Times cover from after the 2007 marathon
  • Justin Timberlake 2007 FutureSex/Love Show Poster

  • Can of Brookdale luncheon meat (SPAM knock-off/competitor)

  • A garden gnome... don't ask. Or do
  • Coconut-shaped glasses

  • Creepy, but funny, vendor Christmas card that reads: "We've been monitoring who's been naughty and nice."

  • Jar of honey

  • Random stuffed animal with a t-shirt that says, "get the lion's sahre of the media coverage." wtf?

  • A snuggie
  • Bottle of champagne
Although I have the privilege of working at a place where you can easily accumulate branded items and junk from all your programs - I know I'm not the only one out there who, when stepping back from their workspace, thinks why have I had this for so long??

Spill it.


Andrea on October 1, 2009 at 12:53 PM said...

I absolutely had the Future Sex/Love Show poster in my cube as well.

Along with:
- A newspaper clipping about the wonderful game of cornhole (because my coworkers refused to call it that)
- 2 little ornaments - a shoe and a purse - sent to me from a client.
- Silly putty
- A letter from a guy telling me he'd only complete the exit survey if we offered compensation...wtf?!
- 2 years worth of birthday and Christmas cards
- A bottle of wine
- 2 very stale boxes of cereal (Apple Jacks and Special K Red Berries)
- A Vermont Teddy Bear from a creeper co-worker...

...among other things. And that was only 2 years!

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