Thursday, October 21, 2010

O! Yes Please.

Sometimes it takes a mention of my blog or a comment from a friend to get me back on the blogger bandwagon... but this time it was a little nudge from my friends at I'm a huge fan of the big O! In fact most of my almost-put-together furniture is from Overstock. I felt it was a momental moment in my single-woman life when I seriously put together an entire bed with just my two hands, my insane cat and several numbered blocks of wood. Three years later, the bed is still standing... and has survived two cross-city moves. Nice work,

I do have to admit... the tops of my side tables and coffee table are not connected to the bottoms... and my bedside table's drawer for some reason will not shut. While most would see these as small, some-what hidden imperfections... I like to think of them as projects... that will be finished by my future, handy boyfriend. He's going to be one lucky guy... #1 qualification... must own an electric screw driver.

Anywho... onto the fun stuff... until the end of October... they are having a OcSTOCKober (excellent play on words marketing department) clearance event as they celebrate 11 years of sending Americans quality furniture and fun. Given my budding writing career (clearly, check out these mad literary skills), I decided to indulge myself in this STOCKacular sale and purchase the corner desk pictured above... thinking it might work perfectly (given my serious tape-measure measurements) in my living room... taking advantage of my small, corner lake view! 5-10 days for shipping... who wants to come over and help me?!?

What do you need to STOCK up on?? Check out and use the discount code 121728 for an extra 10% off. You can thank me during the holidays. My birthday is Dec. 30th.. :)

Happy shopping!!

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.
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