Sunday, May 23, 2010

Polish and Planes

Today begins my summer... aka my reunion with airports across the country in an effort to not miss everyone's big life moments. I'm excited and overwhelmed by this summer's schedule... but as my calendar fills up, I do take extra notice at the downtime that I have... and think about how that time could be more efficiently spent.

Case-and-point. Right now... I'm hanging out in Houston, Texas airport on the nicest Sunday of 2010... and I can't help but notice and slightly obsess over my chipping nail polish on both my fingers and toes. This was one to-do i didn't quite cross off my list before the work trip... and so, now I'm mentally planning out how/when I can fix this situation prior to the media event tomorrow afternoon.

Why... oh why... don't airports have nail salons?! They have bars and food everywhere you look... but just imagine how much money a salon would make if they set up shop in an airport terminal? 1/2 an hour delayed?? Time for a quick polish change... 2 hours delayed? Mani/Pedi combo... plus a massage! This is a lost opportunity if you ask me... looks like it's going to be a CVS run for me and self-manicure in the hotel.

Am I alone? Ladies of the airports... I think we need to do something about this... maybe I'll talk to someone important during my next delay... until then... cheers to chipped and unattractive nails.

Sipping in a different city...

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leftovers from Vivo

Although I've worked on food marketing my entire 5+ year career, I have had a hard time defining myself as a "foodie;" My recent weekend food adventures, however, have made me reconsider... or wishfully think... that I could become a foodie or at least a foodiot, either way... I like food.

Last weekend I got to check out Vivo, which is located in the West Loop/Warehouse district on Randolph. After work, the bf and I headed there, Groupon in hand, ready to indulge in some trendy Italian Fare. The last Italian restaurant we went to rhymed with Colive Tarden... so, as the urbanites that we are, we were ready to be impressed by this city-tastic location.

The decor did not disappoint. We walked in through a velvet curtain to find a number of white-linen-lined tables with votives, exposed brick wall covered in wine bottles ready to be drank and a shiny/fancy bar. The waiter was attentive and friendly. The wine was AMAZING. I have no idea what brand of Cab my hot date picked out... short-term memory...but I do know that it was A LOT better than the Funky Llama that I had been sipping on throughout the week.

One complaint I had was the amount of salt and oil used in the dishes. I could even taste the salt in the salad. I know restaurants tend to splash a bit on salads for taste, but this reached miso-soup levels of sodium. Next time I go... which there will be a next time... we didn't read the fine print of "limit one coupon per table," I might just have to request the chef keep his/her hands off the salt shaker for my entrees.

Anyone else have a chance to indulge at Vivo post-Groupon?

Pass on the advice...
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Invasion of the Midges

So it's no secret that I've been slacking on blog posts... I like to blame the fact that I quit a job, started a job and started dating someone all in the span of a month... not to mention the promise of summer and increased social obligations... but the truth is... I got a little lazy. And without bad dating stories, what is a girl to talk about?!

When one falls off the blogging horse... you need to find something particularly blog-worthy that might bring back maybe one or two of your readers... and I think I found it.

Picture this... Sunday night... relaxing in my newly cleaned (spotless) living room with my +1... when I look to the corner of the room only to notice a swarm of what-appears-to-be mosquitoes. (Cue music from Hitchcock's 'The Birds')

Within minutes both of us realize that the mosquitoes not only are in the living room but in the bedroom AND entry way. The apartment had been invaded by these tiny nat-thingys and the commissary downstairs which sells Raid closed approximately 30 seconds before this realization.

We spent about 20 minutes killing each and every one of them... by hand... and with the "help" of my oversized cat. Isn't bug-killing supposed to be feline instict?

So the interesting part of this story (as if it weren't captivating enough), is that they aren't mosquitoes at all!

After a call into management yesterday morning, I learned that every year, apartment buildings by the lake and in the loop get infested with these little nats called "midges." They have a 48-hour life span... and don't bite... but they do fly around your apartment and create nests in the corners, creating a lovely, "i-don't clean-my-apartment-for-months" look to the place.

They come in through the vents... through the screens.... through the walls. There's no rhyme or reason for how or why they come inside... but they do. Luckily, they should be gone by the end of the week. And if they aren't, the exterminator will make sure of it. In the meantime, management just suggested to "sweep the dead ones up." Sick. For real?

Given all the news coverage when the city thought they were going to be invaded by cicadas... I'm surprised to have no previous knowledge of this annual home invasion.

Anyone out there also sharing your apartment with these unwelcomed guests?

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