Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taking Back December

I've always loved the holidays. I was that kid that begged Dad to go get the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I played with the nutcracker ornaments like they were Barbie dolls. I decorated the entire house the year I was going into surgery in December and thought I'd miss it. I listened to Mariah Carey Christmas cd starting in October.

I played Christmas songs on the piano all year round. I knew of and watched all the claymation videos... including Nester, the Donkey. You haven't seen them all until you've seen Nester. I didn't know the actual date of my birthday until I was about 10 years old. It was 5 days after Christmas. That's all the counted.

You get the picture. I was hopped up on holly. A ball of Christmas cheer. Perhaps this is why since moving to Chicago, December has been quite a lucky month for me. In fact, the only two guys that I've completely fallen for in Chicago were met at holiday parties. Completely sober, of course. Given both of the bar meetings, the longevity is pretty freaking impressive... or depressing. Depending on how you look at it.

Longevity being both are in some way still in my life. Don't get me wrong... these are clearly both great guys, and I wish only the best for the both of them... I mean... I do have excellent taste (and clearly so do they given those lovely photos above)... but for some reason, Monday night as December approached out of nowhere... I began to dread the nostalgia that this month could bring.

The only place it has brought me in years past is to January 1st AM... where I'm either reviewing embarrassing texts that I sent the night before... or just wondering why my Inbox is void of any midnight "Happy New Years" greetings from either #1 or #2. It's really just not the best feeling to start off the New Year. Trust me. The feeling of rejection stings just a little harder on New Years Eve and New Years Day.

So, to avoid that slit-your-wrist New Years day feeling... I've decided to take back December. To embrace all the fun that December holds... to spend these precious 31 days last days of 2o09 with those who have made my year memorable and amazing...and to leave #1 and #2 to the memories.

And in the meantime... I will be sure to avoid any potentials until St. Patty's Day. At least that way, if they become exs in the future... we might spread the nostalgia out amongst the year a bit. Why can't March be an Irish girl's lucky month for once???

Until then... Happy Holidays, all! Break out the spirits early... wear a little more sparkle than necessary or socially acceptable... and laugh too seconds too long (okay, make that three seconds). It's been a long and rough year. We all deserve it.


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