Friday, December 4, 2009

There's a Sale at the Clothes Shop

Yes, when writing that title I had the automated voice in my head of Mall Madness.
Anywho... so last night, I had some time to kill before my all-so-important bang trim appointment, so I sauntered on down to H&M in hopes that I might find a trendy outfit for this weekend's shenanigan's.

What I did find was a slew of ready-to-fall-apart outfits that I just couldn't bring myself to pay $35+ dollars for. BUT, all was not lost.

H&M rarely has sales... and I'm often scared to even look at the sales rack when they do... but yesterday, there was a sale worth looking. 50% off of all scarves, hats and gloves. And then, if you buy two items, you get 50% off the most expensive, and the other item FREE. So, although I did not get a fashionable item for the weekend... I did buy a scarf and gloves for $5. Holy great buy. And I'm sure they still made $4 from the sale.

Take that recessionistas...

Anyone else know of any good deals this weekend? On the holiday gift prowl....


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