Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Day the K Drive Died (Momentarily)

We felt the first hiccup of the Big Move to the Merchandise Mart today. It came unexpectedly and almost quietly. But it came... oh did it come.

Around noon, I get a call from my co-worker. The conversation goes a little something like:

Cool Co-worker: So... I was working on a few documents last night... I saved them in the K: (shared) drive, and they aren't there this morning.

Me: Did you call STS (IT)?

Cool Co-worker: I was just going to... but isn't that weird? It's like I didn't exist yesterday. I mean...they weren't that large of documents, but still. Weird, right?

Me: Definitely weird. Let me know what happens.

A couple hours pass, and then cool co-worker takes a turn to close-to-crazy co-worker... calling me...

On-the-verge-of-crazy Co-worker: (Crazy laughs) Hahahah

Me: Whaaat's going on?

On-the-verge-of-crazy Co-worker: Oh my gosh... a lot.

Me: Oh no... what happened?

On-the-verge-of-crazy Co-worker: So, as it turns out, all the documents I saved in the K drive yesterday are not there. None of them. You should check your stuff out... because the same thing happened to [insert other crazy co-worker's name].

If you want to drive a PR agency person mad... just mess with their shared drive. I watched myself quickly flip out, along with my co-workers, when realizing hours and hours of work was erased... and, more insanely, when I couldn't remember 1/2 the materials I worked on yesterday. I jump from project to project so many times throughout the day, I was forced to go through e-mail, my timesheet and anything else that could jog my memory.

So, in the age of media being social and whatnot... of course, as soon as I hung up after my frantic 911 call to IT, I immediately started Tweeting and Facebooking the chronicles of this saga. As did my witty mc. witterson co-workers.

As a highlight of the updates... and to help you understand the insanity of the day... here are a few of the Tweets:

  • Dear K drive... I knew I placed too much faith in your saving abilities. Please bring back ALL my work from yesterday. Going insane...
  • Can someone please explain to me why our company has so many IT problems? Honestly. #ChiBM
  • Beloved #ChiBM peeps, the K drive has failed. Work done on the K drive yesterday: gone. All. Gone. #fail #fail #fail #fail#fail #fail #fail
  • OMG #ChiBM It seems our beloved K drive might have failed us - files not there @dwendland
  • Need to reach us at #ChiBM today? Write us a letter. Work here and need to save your work? Transcribe to paper.
  • @SMKieras @ColleenHart This is utterly ridiculous. Carrier pigeons and smoke signals are more reliable. Morse code. Sonar. Whatever. #ChiBM

So, the best part of the day was at 5 p.m. when IT came down to one of my crazy co-workers with a print-out of all the Tweets from the day... asking if he knew of anyone else who was having these issues. Uhhh..... so the big man upstairs is actually listening to us. Brilliant. Good news is that we know someone is listening. And from what I hear it's a phantom Tweeter from the New York office... they are all listening.

Are they listening now?? I'm not taking any chances.

I love my job. I really do (thought I should add that in... just in case).


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