Thursday, December 24, 2009

Driving with a Cat Under the Influence

Because this was such an experience, I feel that it needs to be documented. And, I promise, in 2010 I'll cut back on my cat posts. As much as I'm sure they entertain everyone. Also, as a caveot, I would've captured this adventure in pictures as well... but I felt that this made the trip even more hazardous to my health... and am just happy to have pulled into 405 E. Fairlawn Blvd unscathed.

So the Best of Driving 6 hours with a Cat Under the Influence (CUI) of tranquilizers:
  • Administering the drugs. Apparently cats are smarter than dogs. She ate around the pill in her food... leading me to have to pin her down and force her to swallow them. Great way to start off the trip.
  • Shoving her into her carrier. This is a three-armed job.... and unfortunately, I have only two arms. But I repeated the montra: "I'm stronger than a cat, I'm stronger than a cat"... and alas, finally got her into the carrier.
  • An hour and a half of her crying and shedding before I started to think... "Is this tranquilizer actually working??"
  • Pulled to a rest stop and administered the 2nd tranquilizer.
  • Letting her out of her carrier... which led to....
  • Her hitting the window down button in the back seat and almost making a break for it on the Dan Ryan... Child lock inacted.
  • Her sitting on my lap 1/2 of the ride... with drugged-induced eyes... but refusing to fall asleep.
  • Her acting as if the front seats were pieces of jungle gym equipment and climbing onto the head rests. Particularly mine. That was really the moment where I thought... "Was this a good idea?"

But I have to say, she's maybe having the time of her life in my parent's house. This is the first time she's had access to more than three rooms at a time... and first floor windows where she can look at birds and squirrels all day. I think it will work out just fine... until the ride home...


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