Saturday, February 28, 2009

And one, two, three, four AND five, six, seven, eight

There are few moments in life where I feel like more of a dork than when I'm in front of a TV, doing a workout video.

Exercise is exercise, but I can't help but think of how ridiculous I must look.  And I feel like this would be the perfect time, as I'm in sweatpants and a sports bra, for my roommate - who has only been at the apt a handful of times - comes back to pick up her mail. And see me body- rolling to the tv.... haha... oh god.

But, alas, this morning because I was too lazy to trek downtown to my gym, and it was too cold to venture outside on the running path... I broke out my roommate's Carmen Electra Striptease workout videos... 

As Carmen changed from one boob-a-licious shirt to the next... I'm not sure if I got more of a workout from the moves or my laughter.  In fact, if i were still an immature college student (ahhem) i would probably suggest making a drinking game out of the drink every time she checks herself out.  But I'm way past that... 

Anyways... the point of the video is to feel seductive and learn sexy moves... and yet, I'm dancing to a TV... in sweatpants... having not showered yet... with severe bed head. I was about as sexy Norman whatever from American Idol who went to second base with the AI banner sign in his last performance.

D.O.R.K. To the max.

To top it off, I'm going to go finish the 3rd book in the Twilight series and admit that I watch American Idol... damn... already did that.

Can you think of something to top cardio workout tapes on the Dorkster Billboard charts??


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