Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Denny's Free Grand Slam/Demise of Groundhog Day

Half of today's blog post comes from one of my best friends (and most avid blog commenter), Katie.. as she experienced something weirder than I did today. Turns out Denny's did a promo (nationwide?) giving away free Grand Slam breakfasts early in the morning. Being a marketer myself, there are several parts of this promotion that intrigued me. 
  • Grand Slam. We just celebrated the Super Bowl... and not the World Series... unexpected promo. Extremely randomly unexpected. On the verge of not making a lot of sense at all.
  • We're in the early stages of what promises to be a long recession... no one is eating out... why are they GIVING food away?? Or perhaps that's WHY they are giving food away?
  • Like Wal-Mart, franchises like Denny's are strictly prohibited from the Chicago. That statement, of course, is not based on any real sound knowledge... merely observation.
Anywho... Denny was the Top Chef of the day... and here is a sip of Katie's city... St. Louis. 

"Well, I was among the estimated 2 million to join in the fun today, braving a 25 minute wait mostly outside in the freezing 9 degree temps. But oh did the Gram Slam taste good. :) 

Here's the skinny on the free Denny's. Way too many homeless-looking people, another bunch of smelly college kids, and only a few "professionals" braving the crowds and long waits for two eggs, two pancakes, sausage and bacon. I did, however, make the 6 p.m. news in the background of a show by News Channel 5. I haven't searched for the clip, but you may be able to find it at www.ksdk.com."

So quick update on Denny and his eggs. Katie... and smelly college kids... are famous tonight in the SLU. Congrats!

On a completely unrelated note... who else is pissed about the lack of Groundhog Day coverage these days? As someone who clearly looks forward to spring/summer, this day means a lot to me... and for the second year, I had NO idea it was yesterday. And I consider myself slightly whorish when it comes to being on top of the media (ha... that metaphor seriously just came to me... sorry, fam... i couldn't resist).

Is it because we live in Chicago? Do they not promote it here like they do in Akron because they know winter clearly will last more than 6 weeks, whether or not a disease-infested rodent sees his shadow?

Did anyone catch the Pennsylvania news? What's the deal with the GH? Shadow? No?? I'm sure Google can answer these questions quicker than a response... but I am curious to find out if anyone actually knows.


PAT on February 5, 2009 at 10:59 PM said...

Don't hate on the grand slam...it is an amazing 4 a.m. treat. Also on seperate note, as a St. Hilary 5th grade spelling bee semi-finalist don't hate on my hooked on phonics skills. I spell when I want to, deal w/ it :)

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