Monday, February 23, 2009

When Rehab Turns Into Remake

Suntan lotion, unpacked. Tank tops, stowed away. Scarves, on. UGGS, on. Hat, on.

I'm back in Chicago... and hardly can believe that just yesterday I felt the warm, Florida sun beat down on my pale Midwestern skin.

Three days in the sun. I blinked twice, and it was over.

I felt like I got the city rehab that I needed. I'm rested and came back to work with a renewed energy. Maybe because I just wanted to pretend that the blue skies and sun outside was bringing 80 degree weather instead of the unfortunate reality of 12 degrees.

When I returned, I can't say I made any dramatic changes in my life. HOWEVER, my friend Helen is a different story. To give a bit of background, Helen is the most spontaneous, confident and crazy person I know... but who always makes well thought-out, smart personal decisions. And all of those decisions for some reason happen within a week or two of leaving Sanibel. 

Two years ago, two weeks after coming home from Sanibel, Helen moved from Champagne, Illinois back to Columbus, Ohio and broke up with long-time boyfriend. For good. Cold turkey. Never looked back. And randomly went into World Market and bought a sofa. When she was shopping for curtains.

Last year, after soaking up the sun, she decided to move in with her boyfriend... decision made... a week after Sanibel.

This year, literally, not even 24 hours after getting off the plane, she put her two weeks in at work... and took another job. It may pay less, but the job is more promising in eliminating unnecessary stress and unhappiness in her life. And lives up to her new minimalistic standard. 

Unfortunately, this new lifestyle also probably means she won't be moving to Chicago anytime soon... but, even so, I'm SO happy for her. And continue to be impressed by her spontaneity!

CONGRATULATIONS, Helen!! I can only imagine the power another day in Florida may have had on your life. 

Do you have a little Helen in yourself? Have a friend like Helen? Do tell...



Helen on February 24, 2009 at 10:16 AM said...

Wow! You make my crazy decisions sound a lot cooler than I think they are :) Thanks for the support Colleeny! You're a fab friend!

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