Sunday, February 8, 2009

Charitable Balls

For the sake of spontaneity - and to spend some qt with one of my best friends, Deanna, and her family- I accepted the invitation to attend Children's Memorial's Snow Ball charity event.

As a charity ball virgin, I had no idea what to expect.... but I was not disappointed.

Navy Pier ballroom was decorated to the nines... 1200 Chicagoans and friends of Chicagoans filled the room, looking their best. Restaurants throughout the city, like Trattoria 10, Giordanno's, etc set up booths serving their most popular appetizers. Silent auction items included sailing lessons in Evanston, rooftop seats in Wrigley, Girls' Night Out activities... week stays in Hawaii. All very enticing...all very expensive... but for a great cause.

Honestly, I could have sat at the table all night, with a glass of wine in hand, people-watching all night long.  The dresses were impressing... and the suits were well-tailored. Everything you would expect from a charity event for a Lincoln Park children's hospital.

There was something that I was not expecting... 100s of young 20-somethings. They came in groups... and were determined to drink their moneys worth. But, more importantly, they came. And, with a ticket $125 per person... that was admirable enough to look past the couples making out in the corner, screaming in the bathroom or stumbling over each other in the hallway. Oh, what's it's like to be young ;)

At the end of the night, the announced that the event raised $110,000 for the aids ward of the Children's Hospital. Despite the economic times, they were able to match last year's donations.

Excellent night. Excellent cause. 

Anyone else have experience with charitable balls? Any recommendations for others?



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