Sunday, February 1, 2009

Showing off Chicago...

I've fallen back in love with Chicago... bad weather and all. 

The activities of the past couple weekends sealed the deal for me. Chicago is a keeper. "I do!!"

1) Skiing in Wisconsin. Last weekend, with a high of 10 degrees, a few of us joined Chicago Sport and Social for a day trip to Devil's Head ski resort in Wisconsin. We froze our asses off, but had a blast being bundled up... and then thawing out in the lodge over excessive amounts of beer and pizza.

Coming back to the city, it may have still been cold... but not flying down the hill, can't-feel-your-face cold. We were refreshed and ready for the week.

2) Entertaining. In the four winters that I've lived through in Chicago, I've never had anyone visit me in January. People just don't come to the Antartica of the Midwest unless they live here or are forced to go to one of the many conferences that take place in Jan/Feb downtown.

Two of my best friends from home were in town this weekend... and we had an absolute blast laughing the entire weekend... and running around the city... making the most out of every single minute. Events included....
  • Friday: Homemade dinner at my place then to Old Town for Second City's "America All Better" main stage show. Best Second City performance I've seen yet. LOVED every second of it.
  • Saturday: Shopping downtown (anyone else noticed how picked over Mich Ave stores are on Saturdays??), dinner at Cafe Iberico (heaven-sent tapas restaurant on LaSalle). The weekend was topped off with a crazy night out... involving leftover liquor from NYE, Apples-to-Apples game, crashing an all-you-can-drink party at Schoolyard on Southport (somehow avoiding the wristband... but taking advantage of the deal), Goldslagger shots, flirtatious notes on a napkin (drawings included) and late-night drinking and dancing at Big City (Shitty) Tap on Belmont. 
I've had so much fun... I think I forgot it was still winter. Or just accepted it.

January is like that point in the middle of a marathon/race where you just accept the fact that you are just going to be running for, what seems like, the rest of your life .... so you might as well enjoy the scenery.

And the scenery is great....

Totally wiped out and watching the Super Commericals... I mean, Super Bowl... 


My Peeps


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