Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winner for a Moment

I admit. Me joining a fantasy football league was a bit out of my element... but with each week, I've been learning the ropes, trading players and monitoring my status. Yesterday, I logged on to find 3/4 of my team was on status for a BYE week. I put Payton Manning on the bench, dropped Brady Quinn (b/c let's face it... the Browns suck) and brought in Brett Favre for my QB for the week. I switched a few others... and felt like I had a strong group for week 6.

With confidence, I checked my standing and patted myself on the back for being #2 in my league. Number two. I even texted my brother with pride. And maybe did a small victory dance around my living room. 

I headed up to Wrigleyville to watch the games at Murphy's with my friends Joanna and Jake. Before leaving their apartment, I had Joanna check the standings. Because as much as I was excited, there was a part of me that didn't believe it. 

She logs on... and I immediately figured it out. I was controlling my team from the wrong Web site. Week 2 the head of our league changed our site from MSN to Yahoo. And when I was pulling up the site via gmail, the MSN site was the first to come up. So I never switched.

So, no... I'm not #2... I'm #8. And after this week... I'm most likely #10.... since Peyton was my QB...and the rest of my team was either on BYE or injured. Ex. cell. ent. 

Rookie mistake? Maybe. But I'm ready for next year I suppose... and I have a LOT of making up to do these next couple months!

How are everyone else's teams doing?? Anyone really #2... or better yet, #1?


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