Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Phantom of the Staircase

I have to say... I feel bad for smokers.

I feel bad that they are voluntarily inhaling carcinogens in 2010... when there are more proactive non-smoking groups and information about the dangers of smoking than there elementary schools [that is clearly a made up comparison, based on nothing.... but you get my point]

I feel bad that they always seemed stressed out... until they have a cigarette.

I feel bad that the annoyance of second hand smoke has caused state-wide laws against smoking in public and forced them to go outside on cold, rainy, snowy days.

I feel bad that they have an extra tax... and that their clothes smell the next day.... and when people refuse to kiss their ash-tray mouths.

And I especially feel bad when they choose to live in a high rise... and are too tired to walk to the elevators to hit #1 and smoke outside when it's cold and rainy.

But more than anything I feel bad for my apartment right now that has been overtaken by smoke from the staircase....from X smoker's unfortunate habit that now has morphed into my #1 annoyance of 1350 N. Lake Shore Dr. This Phantom Smoker puffed enough nicoteine tonight to fill a 22-floor staircase.

For the love of fresh air. I just opened my window... and it's raining and 40 degrees. I haven't done that since my friend accidentally sprayed mace in my apartment back on Cornelia Ave... which deserved, at the time, an entirely separate blog.

I mean... seriously... in the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

So my annoyance resulted in a second call on this subject to management about the Phantom of the Staircase. Call me the cranky cat lady from the 8th floor, but I'm not a fan of my apartment smelling like a frat house. Can you blame me? And better question, will they/can they do anything about this? Not sure... but maybe a return phone call would be nice. Or one of those elevator signs. Like when someone brought in an un-registered dog. That was all over the signage.

I say...bring on all the unregistered dogs you want... I would just like a smoke-free room, please. Thank you.

Anyone else deal with this at all in Chicago high rises?


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