Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Riots at Chuck E. Cheese

Spotted. Parents around the country battling out their frustrations at each other at area Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. Apparently, the entertainment doesn't stop at the creepy dressed up mice and disease-infested ball play box.

Check it out...

Yet another reason not to have kids and move to the Wisconsin suburbs. Clearly it will cause you to get drunk amongst a number of screaming and crying kids with ADD and pick fights with other parents. I feel like fighting someone just thinking about it.

Best quote, "The environment also brings out what security experts call the "mama-bear instinct." A Chuck E. Cheese's can take on some of the dynamics of the animal kingdom, where beasts rush to protect their young when they sense a threat."

Thinking back, Chuck E. Cheese may have even been stressful for me as a kid...

Do you like Chuck or his Cheese? What are your thoughts?


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