Monday, December 8, 2008

Lost Ipod = Lost mind

Everyone has those weekends where they actually look forward to Mondays. This was almost one of those weekends. 

Don't get me wrong, I would've probably offered to get a cavity drilled if it meant I could stay in bed for an extra four hours. What I mean is that I was looking forward to getting back to my weekly responsible schedule... stalking media... working out... eating healthy... reading my book club book... All things that did not take place this weekend. Mainly the responsible part.

To my dismay, the cheery morning came to halt when my irresponsibilities of the weekend came crashing down upon me. I discovered, upon leaving my apartment, that I had once again (yes, this happened another time) lost my Ipod. 

It either a) fell out of my massive purse or b) someone voluntarily caused it to "fall" out of my massive purse. I'm going with the latter....because my $2 chapstick and random Mardi Gras beads remained in the purse all weekend. 

Losing an Ipod in the city is more than just throwing away $150. You might as well lose your sanity along with it. 

Suddenly you have to listen to every conversation next to you on the bus. Or it's so quiet you're forced to hear your own thoughts. And considering you have read my thoughts for the past few weeks... you can imagine why that is scary.

After work, you can't unload to a relaxing tune or upbeat song to take you to the next destination. The cold air feels even colder as it whips at your face and you aren't humming to Beyonce or Britney. Don't even think about running... because you'll suddenly become obsessed about your breath.

You start dreaming about your Ipod as if it were a tragically lost ex-boyfriend. Remembering the smooth blue edges....the feel of the controller as you scanned your favorite songs. Wondering what song would be playing if you had it...Counting Crows? Dave Matthews? And becoming crazily jealous and kind of insecure thinking that someone else somewhere might be checking out the playlists... the most played music....

Like I said... sanity. Gone. 

Ever lost an Ipod? Anyone sympathize with my sorrows?


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