Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drew Peterson is engaged

I can't say there a lot of headlines that physically make me want to vomit. But when I found out that Drew Peterson was engaged again to a 23-year-old... I couldn't help but be stunned.

Not as much stunned that he would propose to someone after four months of dating... but that someone 1) would be dating him and 2) that she would say yes. 

I don't want to judge, but this whole confusing situation raising a lot of questions... such as:
  • Has this woman read the paper in the past year?
  • Is she aware that one of his wives mysteriously died and the other (that he is legally still married to) is mysteriously missing?
  • Does she have a mother? Or family? Or anyone who might ask, 'what the f are you doing?' I'm pretty sure both of my parents would probably personally move me back to Akron, Ohio if I ever called them announcing an engagement after only four months of dating ANYONE...let alone a suspect in a disappearance and murder. I think that might warrant more drastic measures... involving tranquilizers and drugs... 
  • Where did D.P. meet this said-un-named young woman? Is he area of choice dive bars or does he looked to the more educated, college bars? And is he really that charming that he seriously is engaged for the fifth time?
  • Is D.P. or his publicist paying this woman to get more publicity? Did he miss all the media attention? Has he already called Dr. Phil? Or Jerry?
  • Where will his children fit into this family? Ugh... too sad...
  • Were they really dating before all this commotion went down?
  • At what point, at the old age of 23, do you start to disregard HUGE red flags such as criminal records, four marriages, etc. in fear of becoming an old spinster with several cats?
  • And is Chicago filled with so many crazy guys that one might be in competition with other women to find and land the CRAZIEST of them all?
Clearly (and thankfully) I'm not part of the Chicago Police Department, and I don't have a doctorate in psychology, so I suppose I won't know those answers... and, yes, I agree everyone deserves to be happy. In fact, I've raised a glass to two engagements in the past week... but I have to say... the only thing that this will raise in my book is a lot more questions.

Too many for tonight. Night Chicago.


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