Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back to You, Jim...

One of my favorite pastimes as a Chicagoan in the winter is following the track of pending storms and virtually befriending all the weathermen. I mean, seriously, during these weather reports, I feel like they should add in tunes from the Apollo 13 soundtrack... They have all the effects of a good movie...
  • Suspense: 'Eleven inches of precipitation - a mix of freezing rain and snow - will begin to fall upon Chicago at approximately 11 p.m. this evening.'
  • The Unknown: Is it going to pass?? Will our pipes freeze? Will we be stuck in our apartments until 2009? Do I have enough food? How will I get to work tomorrow?
  • Love: 'Cuddle up and stay warm, Chicago'
  • Laughter/Clever (or not-so-clever) Commentary: 'We got another doosie coming our way, Todd'... 'If you thought yesterday was beast, we're expecting a monster! (cue the laughter and flash the ridiculously white teeth)
To our media's credit, I witness a similar, intense weather report when visiting San Diego. It rained. Turns out, when you never drive in the rain, you don't know what things like hydroplaining are. Rough life.

Off to a fratastic holiday party... but check the weather tonight... it looks like a doosie's coming our way!!


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