Monday, December 1, 2008

Backin it Up Hip Hop-Style...

MTV Hip Hop II:  An intermediate Hip Hop class for those who have danced before.... Tons of fun and cool choreography like you would see in music videos.

When I was five, my dad's friend nicknamed me, "Colleen the Dancing Machine" for breaking it down by the campfire to his guitar rendition of "Wild Thing." 

For eight years, from 5th to 12th grade, I performed around the Midwest as part of a competitive show choir... and could flash the jazz hands, dance on boxes and do a 10 second costume change with the best of them (refer to above picture for some chuckles... I'm the sparkly pink girl with big show choir curls in the front).

Today my signature not-so-secret pick-up move is "the twirl"... I've been known to challenge dance-offs whenever possible... and sometimes there's nothing better than a night out dancing with the girls.

But even though age-- and mainly my four years at the water-hole known as Ohio University-- has encouraged the use of alcohol with these recent dance activities, there's still something to be said about learning actual technique and the feeling you get once you nail a routine. 

So I've been searching these past few years for a solid dance class... that's not too stuffy, too time-intensive or too expensive.

Tonight I'll be starting my second MTV Hip Hip II dance session at All About Dance on Clark Street (right by Treets icecream). I'll be working off the Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing and pie to the sounds Rihanna and Madonna... 

I have to admit, the fact that they insist on continuing to call it  "MTV" Hip Hop makes me feel like a huge dork..and the fact that they elaborate on that in the description noting, "cool choreography like you see in the music videos" doesn't help. Ah well... it's a fun class... and as long as I have some new moves to pull out at Duffy's, I'm set (someone cue the dry ice, striped shirts and mini burgers to appear).

Happy Cyber (?) Monday!

C....The Dancing Machine


Katie B. on December 2, 2008 at 4:26 PM said...

Oh dear God, there's me in the blue behind you... HOW DID THEY LET US WEAR THOSE COSTUMES?!

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