Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shamrock Bar Shuffle

For the first time in four years, I had plans to run the Shamrock Shuffle this morning. The Shamrock Shuffle, if you're not from the area, is the kickoff to running season for many Chicago runners. Those years that it's unseasonably warm, runners rave about how much fun and how motivating the 8k run can be. 

I, personally, have never signed up for it being the winter pessimist that I am. I've come to terms with the fact that spring is just a season on the calendar. That Summer and Winter are the only weather changes in the 606XX area codes. I ran in a marathon in 85 degree weather... but when it comes to cold... no deal. I'll take humidity any day over not feeling my extremities. 

But, this year, my friend's friend got injured, and I had the opportunity to join thousands in one of Chicago's favorite runs. I was excited to check it out. I took all the correct precautions. I worked out more than usual this week... I stayed in on Saturday night, ate a nutritious dinner and washed and set out my running clothes for the next early morning.

My alarm went off at 6:30, and I was ready. Having not looked outside yet, I began suiting up with multiple layers of running gear. I saw the weather forecasts for that day... So when my friend, Kristine, texted me, asking what I thought about the mere apocalypse occurring outside our windows... it didn't take long for us to agree on brunch and mimosas to replace slush and freezing weather.

I thought of my dad who reminded me the night before that it's one thing to keep running if it starts raining... but another thing (insanity) to begin running in the rain/sleet/snow. One is being an athlete... the other is being an idiot.

So we decided to be smart... and overstuff our faces at Duffy's brunch... Four mimosas in and two plates of food later, I decided I probably would have felt better had I actually run five miles in the snow. But... I was a lot warmer and had a clutch table with three great friends in the midst of the crowded bar.

Overall excellent Sunday morning. And I'm not going to get pneumonia... so win win situation for everyone :) 

Anyone run this morning? How did it go??


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