Monday, January 18, 2010

Piece of Something

Saturday night we continued our culinary tour of Chicago with a stop at Piece in Bucktown. I met my friend Alana there at 8 p.m. and, soon after, found myself going against everything I stand for as a low-maintenance city gal... I waited in line. In January. 20+ minutes.

Chicago may have more bars than apartment buildings... and for that reason, and just normal impatience, I don't believe in lines. In cold. In rubbing shoulders with strangers. In begging for drinks in an over-crowded trendy bar. I'll take Galway Bay over that any day.

But I do believe in pizza. And good looking guys. And live-band karaoke with Karaoke Dokey. And those three things enticed me to suck it up, stick it out... and wait for the much-talked-about thrill of Piece.

Once we were granted access, we placed our names on the list... 2 hour wait. Not even kidding here. I was rethinking my decision of hot yoga that afternoon, of not hydrating after and of not snacking prior to leaving. Three bad decisions made on a Saturday night. Instead I hydrated with a couple of their original brews - my favorite being the Swingin' Single.

The night was full of pizza, empty alcoholic calories and crazy good "American Idol"-worthy karaoke. Was it worth the wait? Sure...sign me up for another night of Piece... but maybe make it a Tuesday or Wednesday outing. And disregard their serving sizes. When they say, "Serves 2-3." That really means 5 -6.

Anyone else try a Piece this weekend?


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