Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Menver or Bust

There are distinct turning points that can lead to an eternity of craziness or just a large pothole in an otherwise smooth road of life.

I had one of those moments this past weekend when I found out unexpected news about one of my December ex's. One sentence that made me question a majority of emotional decisions made throughout the past two years of my life. Just a few words that solidified every reason why we're not together. Seconds of a night... that have the potential to be replayed in my head for years.

Although I sat there silent, numb and unaffected... I couldn't help but recognize that oh-too-familiar feeling of not being good enough for that same someone. So right then and there, I vowed not to take the looney route... because it wasn't worth it. I promised myself to recognize the situation, feel what I felt... and then move on... and never. look. back. Or at least look back with completely clear glasses.

And so... instead of going crazy... I'm going to the land of mountains and men, the Vegas for single ladies, the center of sun and skiing. I'm going to Denver.

This dramatic weekend news was actually perfectly timed to fall right before a pre-planned business trip. And my bonus extended one-day ski trip will for sure help me shake this emotional slump/single gal pity party.

All day Friday, I'll be hitting the slopes with my pseudo-brother and his friends from college. I have every expectation that I will be the least fashionable of all the Winter Park ski bums... that my Gap attire will be shunned by the all the local Denverians cloaked in head-to-toe Northface wear... that my minor experience skiing on the hills of New York or Wisconsin will land me on my butt more times than I will ever admit.

But I also know that when I'm at the top of those mountains, ready to position my skis in the V formation, I will look out into those postcard-perfect, breath-taking views, and I'll get exactly what I need: Perspective.

...Perspective that life is too short to dwell on things that you have no control over. That there will be a day when I look back at last weekend as a positive turning point. A pivotal moment that led me into a great, confusion-free future.

Have you ever found yourself having to choose between the bunny hill of insanity and the black diamond of reality? Hope you found yourself a diamond.

Check you later gators... I'll see you on the slopes!


Rob, Jenny and Anna on January 21, 2010 at 11:26 AM said...

Excellent post colleen! And have a BLAST skiing!

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