Monday, January 4, 2010

No Treadmill Left Behind

First Monday of the year... you know what that means: Official Workout Day. Everyone is inspired, despite all their past failed resolutions, to REALLY work out and be healthy this year. And so, every gym, every yoga studio and every treadmill was used and abused tonight. Every trainer repeated the mantra - no treadmill left behind - while they dreamt of March 1st... and the fall of the resolutions.

And so... it is only right that tonight was one of the weirdest yoga classes for me. First of all, with the on-slot of new yogis, the class began with loud chatter from the multiple friend groups surrounding me. Yoga rule of thumb is kind of like rush hour bus rules... you don't talk. It's relaxing... it's hot... but because I've been a zen of yoga for the past week... this didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

Then as I arose and checked out the room, I had to smile when the tallest, skinniest man I've ever seen was in front of the studio in nothing but a speedo. Yes. Awesome. This made me silently laugh...realize my immaturity and thank God none of my friends were in the room. I am most certain this would have led to removing myself from class due to a case of the 6th grade girl giggles.

But the straw that broke the camel's back was the music selection. For the past week I've been raving about CorePower Yoga's music... but today, it was off. Whereas most times it completely relaxes me... this had the opposite effect. It was totally 90s jazzercise... and I kind of wanted to give up because I didn't have a thong leotard on to match the tunes.

Overall, I felt good for sweating out every ounce of sodium I consumed today... and still feel a bit of zen... even desipite the crazy experience.

Any fun gym stories from the Official Workout Day? Long wait to get into Kickboxing? Pick-up lines at the water fountain? Arm wrestling for the stationary bike?

Do tell....


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