Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts on Spring...

While running this morning, I got to thinking. If it were spring/summer year round in Chicago, would things be the same?

  • When you woke up on a Sunday and saw the sun shining and people walking around with no coats, would you still jump up and find any reason imaginable to get outside (walk the dog, cat, heck, even fish)?
  • Would strangers smile at each other... exchanging the unspoken conversation of, "Nice weather, huh?!" "We totally deserve this...." etc. ?
  • Would there be such thing as spring cleaning? Or the Macy's one-day spring sale?
  • Would guys still wear shorts at sandals when it was 50 degrees... or girls lay out in the park once the temp hit 60?
  • Would there be as much of a demand for beach volleyball or 16-inch softball leagues?
  • Would Chicago lose its title as one of the fattest cities in America? Or would it be worse, with 12-months of beer gardens to enjoy?
  • Would docking your boat in Lake Michigan be more or less expensive?
  • Would Oprah still have a gazillion houses scattered throughout the U.S. in tropical locations?
  • Would Cubs training and playing in Chicago year round cause a dangerously ridiculous explosion of excitement in Wrigleyville?
  • Would high-rises suddenly grow in height, trying to keep up with the housing demand as people run, fly and speed to try and move to the Second City?
  • Would we begin border control on non-Chicago residents?
This is stressing me out. Love the spring... but thank GOD for winter. We may be miserable for 6 - 8 months... for 4 - 6 months, we're elated, estastic, euphoric. It's spring in Chicago, and really, what could be better?!


jaclyn on May 11, 2009 at 1:09 PM said...

i swear we couldn't afford this city if the weather was any better. everyone would want to live here. volleyball courts would definitely not be so high demand.

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