Sunday, May 17, 2009

From Rags to Riches: Duffy's to Enclave

Top 10 Reasons We Were Red Carpet-Worthy this Weekend:

10. Because this means there is a little less red carpet space in this world for Spencer and Heidi
9. If people on Real Housewives of NYC are apparently red carpet worthy these days... really, the bar isn't set too high. I'm not sure if I just insulted myself... but you know where i was going with that one.
8. Because we've spent five years finding the best bar specials in Chicago...
7. We may not be snacking on caviar and bree, but we bought hot dogs, peanuts and Old Style for $16... call it what you like... but we were living the high life!
6. Our cheers from our VIP seats on the third base line brought home a W for the Cubbies!
5. We went to a day Cubs game, hit up the Wrigleyville bars and then rallied over a dinner of turkey sliders, pasta salad and apps... no small feat...
4. We were rolling around town in a stretch limo for two hours... so the red carpet was an excellent final accessory for the night.
3. Because when they asked if we were on the list, we replied, "We have seven girls." And in we went.
2. One of our best friends is walking down the aisle in Cancun two weeks... and has had to deal with the threat of drug cartel, earthquakes and H1N1... the least she should get is a red carpet or two on her last night out as a single lady!
1. The red carpet was worthy of us...

What made you red carpet worthy this weekend?


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