Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Bonanzas...

This weekend, I partied like it was my birthday... while celebrating not one but THREE birthdays... and learned a few things along the way that I'd thought I'd pass on... 

Friday had a mini-Walshie reunion at Rick Koplin's birthday. In two weeks he's running the Cleveland marathon, but on Friday he and his friend hosted a party at Landmark on Halsted. Love that bar and that tapering plan. 

In addition to the fun of hanging out with an old friend came the added bonus of free vodka drinks from 9 - 10:30 and passed apps thanks to his vodka promo friend. And the passed apps were entire pizzas... which were considerably hard to just pick up with one hand. Strange choice, but we indulged anyways. 

My girl friends and I danced until literally we dropped... all of us decided to wear way-to-high heels... most likely resulting in leg/foot problems in our near future. Future being now.

Saturday I celebrated with E. Conn for her bday at Hye Bar on Southport. Prior to the bar, her and her friends taught me how to play Indiana's favorite drinking game - Sink the Biz. It's a doozie. It starts with a Biz bucket. You fill the bucket with about three beers and drop a large shot glass-like glass into the beer. Then you go around in a circle pouring beer into the glass... the person who sinks the cup, has to drink the over sized shot glass of beer. I didn't say it took too much brain power.

I quickly learned that I was horrible at it...or that the person next to me was really good... because I probably sunk the biz one too many times. I lasted about an hour at the bar before I gave myself the old sorority shoulder tap and headed home, where I was welcomed by leftover pizza. Best decision ever. 

Jen's birthday brunch was the last 
on the list of birthday bonanzas which happened this morning... and what a better place to celebrate than Gibson's. Knowing it's reputation for high-priced steaks, I was a little leery when I ordered a mimosa and didn't see prices... and when they not only brought a flute, but a small bottle of nice champagne with it. Turns out... it was only $8... and it turned into about 3 mimosas. Amazing. You can't even get that at Duffy's brunch!! 

And second revelation was their humongous carrot cake. I'm not even kidding when I tell you it was 9 inches high. We had seven people at the table and the bday girl still had to take home a half a cake. It was seriously good. Well worth it for the picture and the taste.

Beyond the birthdays, I had a great time just enjoying the weather. This is why I love Chicago. And this is why I've been lacking on the blog posts. I'll be better. I promise :) 

Any other birthdays or bonanzas I forgot to mention this weekend?? Do tell...


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