Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Not Saving If You Spend Money

My dad once told me, "it's not saving if you're spending money." But this weekend I saved. I had two of my best friends in town - Christina and Katie. And although we spent a substantial amount of money, I'd like to first focus on how much we saved.

United Colors of Save-a-Whole-Bunch-of-Money Benetton
The recession has hit Armitage and the little, over-priced boutiques around America. It's our duty to our founding fathers and future kin to start spending to get the economy to a normal state of being (and take advantage of these ridiculous sales). The United Colors of Benetton fits into the category of ridiculous sale, taking 70 percent off of all merchandise. Listen carefully. Any item of clothing IN THE ENTIRE STORE under $50 is $20. Below $100 is reduced to $30. Anything more than $100 is $40. My friends and I hit a gold mine. And loved every second of it.

Spent $80
Saved $150

Old St. "Meet-Your-Husband" or "Make-Bad-Drunk-Decisions" Pat's Block Party
For the fourth year in a row I attended The World's Largest Block Party at Old St. Pat's downtown. They do a huge marketing effort around the fact that people meet their future wife or husband at this event. I call that shenanagan's. A lot of things have gone down at this event every year. None of which involve me meeting anyone fabulous. In fact... I would go as far to say it may have done the opposite of helping me to secure a long-term, committed relationship. But I'm not too concerned. What IS great is that you get an awesome outdoor concert from a one-hit-wonder band, eat festival food without a second thought (the day they start putting calories on those menus... is the day i will cry myself to sleep) and five drink tickets for $35. Second great deal of the weekend!

Spent: $35
Saved: My single lifestyle, my concern over the calorie count of festival foods and drinks, fun memories with friends, my appreciation for Ben Folds (minus Five)

We also enjoyed meals at the Fireplace Inn and Cafe Ba Ba Reeba and hitting up Second City's "Brother, Can You Spare Some Change." The weekend was busy... but a blast. 

Anyone else find a deal or two this weekend? Or your future husband/wife? Tell on... 


Rob and Jenny on July 14, 2009 at 10:09 AM said...

It's not saving if you spend money.... man- did I marry your father??? Rob gets mnore and more like Uncle Pat every day :)

Kate on July 15, 2009 at 7:51 PM said...

I love your money saving tips Colleen! I hope to get a chance to practice some of my own this weekend! Hope you are well. Love,

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