Sunday, April 26, 2009

Officially a Gold Coaster

Just one month before celebrating my fourth anniversary as a Chicagoan, I moved a mile south... officially taking me out of Lincoln Park and into the Gold Coast. It took me awhile to admit that I was going to be a Gold Coast resident.

People would ask me where I was moving... and I'd say, "Just a little south on Lake Shore Dr." Or "Just south of North Avenue... by Old Town."

Because, let's face it.  Every neighborhood has it's reputation. Lincoln Park is the yuppies, the trixies, the jetta owners. Gold Coast... I would say it's a mix of Old Chicago money and tourists/dirty old men. 

And I'm pretty sure I don't fit into either of those categories... but I do know I was 100 percent sold on my 10 percent view of the lake, the awesome rooftop, the closet space and the fact that on a nice day, I can walk to work...and avoid the trixies and the Old Money. And walk in peace. CTA free :)  

So while I'll try to keep my escapades in the Viagra Triangle down to a minimum, I am excited for the memories this new zip code will bring into my life.  

Come visit soon!


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