Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday: an excuse for 20-something Chicagoans to continue partying, even though it's Sunday... and they should be doing something, anything more responsible. Occurances increase as the good weather decrease. Other excuses include: Bears games, bar crawls, birthdays, anniversaries, boredom, etc.

After spending a productive Saturday catching up on 8 hours of DVR, creating a blog and picking up my dry cleaning, I felt that I had earned a Sunday Funday. 

Given that I'm currently single and don't really follow sports of any kind, I really don't have a reason to partake in this weekly ritual many Chicagoans claim as their own. 

Recently, Sundays are reserved for my domestic duties - laundry, groceries, cleaning, and, of course, Lifetime Original Movies. Sometimes there's even the added bonus of playing fetch with my cat, Moxie. Clearly, my Sundays are thirsty for excitement... of any kind.

Determined to experience this SF phenomenon and to not become a cliche cat lady, my friend Erin and I dialed up about 30 of our closest friends in an effort to become Bears fans for the day. After convincing a whopping two other people to join (don't judge), we traveled to a Wrigleyville-fave, Central, and spent the afternoon drinking $3 Coors Light and eating pizza. 

We continuously cheersed our genius idea... and vowed to continue this tradition until it stopped snowing (a commitment sure to last until at least June).

A few key learnings of the day:
  • Turns out coming "fashionably late" does not really apply to sports... especially when you think the game begins at 1 p.m. CST and it's actually EST
  • You are joining a very male-dominated bar/activity -at your own will- and do run the risk of a dozen boys sitting next to you who clearly just played a game of touch football and decided it was unnecessary to shower prior to grabbing a drink at a not-so-near bar
  • If the aforementioned event does occur, this will force you to grab the check asap and seek fresh air whenever/wherever available
  • 7 p.m. is an excellent curfew for Sunday Funday... although not quite early enough to attend church... note to self to go earlier next week
Alas, tomorrow is Monday... and everyone knows that there's no such thing as Funday Monday... you can't even try. So I'll pack up my workout clothes, go to bed early and look forward to next weekend... and in the meantime, vow to be responsible -- at least for a few days.

Sunday Funday Girl


Joanna on November 17, 2008 at 10:15 AM said...

Love that you've started a blog. Can't wait to follow along:)

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