Monday, August 6, 2012

My 30 before 30. Bring it, adulthood.

Thirty Before 30.

 We've heard the phrase before. We've seen the books. Each of them reads like the motivational posters with the pretty landscape photos. OR, better yet, looks like a resume that few people can or will achieve before 60, let alone 30.

Like many, I have loved my 20s. While often beer-infused and boy-confused, in these 10 years, I also survived and graduated college, got a job - that pays, and ended up in a fabulous city with friends that I love.

 Lately, though, as my typically over-drived work schedule has let up briefly due to the perfect trilogy of project ending, Olympics beginning and European holidays, I've had a chance to reflect on life.

And damn, that was scary.

Time to take on some more projects and return to my best friends Jimmy Johns and That-Cab-Outside-the-Aon?? Hmm...

To prevent myself from over-working or in a dark bar, holding onto an Old Style, pathetically sobbing away my 20s, I decide to kick the 20s can with as much gusto as my out-of-shape 29-year-old body can kick it.

So, while I don't know where my life will take me in the next 30 years, I do know where I want to take IT in the next 5 months. And I'm going to be okay with that... until 35.

As inspired by my mom's "60 before 60" list... here's my take at my 30 before 30. Follow me as I say "goodbye" to the good, the bad and the hangovers.

30. Revive "A Sip of the Second City" blog after 2 years of typelessness (Accomplished after Googling how to log-in)
29. Post a blog for every accomplishment (this will get better, i promise)
28. Overcome my commitment issues to book trilogies and finish "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and "50 Shades" series
27. Visit a college and buy a round of drinks for under $10
26. Do a kayak tour of Chicago - even if I fear that falling into the Chicago River will make me either a) infertile or b) cause extra limbs to grow
25. Rent a wave runner on Lake Michigan
24. Witness Aline's mastery twin-raising skills in D.C. Bring her lots of wine and diapers
23. Go to a Kentucky horse race and wear a big, floppy hat even if it's too late in the year for Derby
22. Take the Jim Beam brewery tour, because if I'm already in Kentucky...
21. Buy a table... because I need one. And responsible people have kitchen tables
20. Host Friendsgiving because I will have a table. And because I have friends
19. Attend a wedding in a barn
18. Get together with the BBs - argue about what "BB" stood for in high school. Listen to Dee and Keehner fight about being president. Talk too loud.
17. Run at least 30 miles a month. Because I'm turning 30
16. Make a pie, from scratch. Even the crust
15. Have a Merkles at Midnight dance reunion
14. Join Zipcar, because having wheels in the city is "so 30"
13. Eat a hot dog with Old Style at Wrigley; sing "Go Cubs Go" - even if/when they lose
12. Make tea sandwiches on a Sunday. With tea. Because that just sounds adult. And because cucumber sandwiches are delish. And because a little part of me wishes I was British
11. Eat a Roast Beef sandwich from Arby's... because I've never done it
10. Make conversation with a stranger on a plane.
9. Go to a movie. In a movie theatre. And maybe sneak into a second feature because I have never been that rebellious. Or maybe never had that much time? A little of both.
8. Eat a real, Chicago-style hot dog. Without the ketchup - and all the other stuff. Never have I ever.
7. Ask someone who is older than me what they want to do "when they grow up"... because I will always be younger than that phrase.
6. Go to an OU alumni event. Revel in the fact that we can "still hang." Drink a lot of water, take an Advil and eat a banana before going to bed.
5. Finally use that Groupon for hot yoga that I bought 8 months ago.
4. Take a cooking class. Or a wine tasting class. Just take a class. Become smarter.
3. Listen to Tim McGraw's "My Next 30 Years" on repeat for an hour on December 29, 2012.
2. Go to Duffy's Sundays brunch, take a shot before noon because they are yelling the specials so loud that you can't hear yourself say "no more pancakes!" and thank God that I can blame being 30 for never doing it again.
1. Ring in 30 with my birthday twin, Cristy, and friends somewhere fabulous, and if it were up to me and an unlimited budget, warm and tropical. With umbrellas and fruity drinks.

Thanks for following! Any other suggestions? Always open to replacing a few of the lamer ones.


Emily Goldkamp on August 12, 2012 at 10:02 PM said...

Love the blog revival! I've done the kayaking and am happy to do it again if it will help you achieve your goal. it was fun! - no new limbs here. and as far as i know, no baby issues.

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